Monthly Archives: January 2017

Adventures in the Car Line; 5 Reasons Why Your Behavior Matters

The scene was tense. Horns were blowing. People were yelling. There sat the two rivals ready for battle. Their cars stopped, holding up traffic. Their entire torso leaned out of the car window, body parallel to the ground, arm fully extended, displaying the one finger salute. And no, this was not taking place at a busy intersection during […]

F-Bombs and Broken Glass; I Love My High Functioning Autistic Child

For parents of a child with high functioning autism, the title of this post probably brought a smile, albeit a cringe worthy one. Tirades, profanity and broken things are usually a result of these infrequent but memorable occurrences. Like the time my four year old son called our local congressman a (female dog) as he campaigned […]